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At JusGO Trip, we excel at helping you get every single holiday experiences in Nepal & Bhutan. We are experienced adventure company serving our holiday seekers to Nepal & Bhutan, the special trips filled with exciting and memorable experiences in an affordable cost.

BHUTAN : A trip to Bhutan is to witness a near unique experience of preserved culture, heritage and religion rarely seen anywhere else in the world. History and tradition are revealed and revered everywhere. In a country without high rises or traffic lights, you couldn’t feel further removed from city life of the 21st century. The backdrop of the Himalayas provides a stunning setting for the colourful towns and villages, impressive monasteries, even more colourful festivals and picturesque scenery. It’s not only the altitude that leaves your gasping at times, the sheer magnificence and scale of the deities, paintings and Dzongs is something you’ll always remember.

NEPAL : The heartland of Nepal is far from any roads, and the only way to get there is by walking through endless ranges of hills. It’s a rewarding experience to join local people and walk to remote villages and the foot of the Himalayas peaks. Nepal offers some of the most spectacular and beautiful scenery in the world. It has a near monopoly on the world’s highest peaks – eight of the 10 highest are found here. Mountain flights may give you superb view, but there is absolutely nothing like waking up on a crystal-clear Himalaya day and seeing an 8000m peak towering over you.

We offer our support in terms of tailoring your trips according to your needs, planning and advice on different activities which are listed below. Our services are intended to offer quality and value for money, together with a rich, varied and a rewarding experience. We always make sure, to offer you the best service. Our prices of all the tours and trips are highly competitive and everything is included (no hidden extra cost). Have a look and find out which adventure fits you.

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